Advent is a time of waiting and preparation, like everything we do in life we have to prepare in order for our plans to be succcessful. God send Jesus to earth with a mission to bring the kindom of God to us and for us to do the same. Sadly to say our world has not being successful. We are always wrapped up with sin, lies or gossip and all the evil that you can think of.

In the advent season we need to think about who was Jesus and what he has to offer. He brough love, joy, mercy, peace, freedom, console, compassion, grace, and he shared it with everyone.

  • He is our role model to follow, but are we following it?
  • Are we bring peace to everyone and everywhere we go?
  • Do we really love our “brothers and sisters”?
  • There is a lot of things to think about. I know for sure I do.
    The advent season is a time to reflect and to think how I am going to love others because love is the biggest gift that God gave to us. He gave us his son.
    What do you have to offer to Jesus in this advent season?