New Years Resolution

We are entering a new year and you might have been thinking about resolutions or changes for this new coming year.

Dear Readers,

As educators or parents we know the importance of teaching our children on setting goals for the future. In addition, as educators we know that common core is all about mindset and setting goals.

Sometimes the content can be too rigorous or too much for the students. That is why as educators we need to use scaffolding methods in our teaching, so the students can be able to succeed. I believed that is important to teach our children to have a positive mindset as as well as to have an action plan and actually following the plan. The students should take more responsibility as well as setting up schedules so they can be able to do their work on time, study, read, etc.

Our students need to be more exposed with literature that teaches them to have a positive mind and to changes their studying habits or strategies so they can reach success.

here are some books

Let’s teach our students studying habits

A simple activity you can do with your kids, so they can visualize their goals.


Diagrams for mindset

Books for educators and parents:



Positive responses teachers and parents can use in the classroom or at home


Dear Readers,

I hope this post helps you on teaching children on having a growth mindset for 2018.