We are almost at the end of the advent season. We have 4 weeks of preparing our hearts to Jesus. Advent is the season of focusing on what we need to work on and change in our to have Jesus in our heart on Christmas Day. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of our king. The king that is going to bring peace, joy, love and hope. When we feel warmth and happiness in our hearts is because Jesus is inside of us.

I teach third grade and we were listening to How the Grinch Stole Christmas. 

One of my students said, ” what! The Grinch hates Jesus birthday, because Christmas is about Jesus. ” The student is true when we disconnect with Jesus or when we commit sin or when we are focus on material things we do not have Jesus in our hearts. Our hearts in fact become harden. We disconnect with Jesus and with everyone around us. When we get a change of heart and start to do good deeds our heart become soft just like the Grinch.

Hopefully this year we get a change of heart and share our happiness with others.



Jesus our Only Judge and Our Savior

We are almost at the end of ordinary time. For the past three weeks the readings in mass are about loving others as Jesus loves us and to follow his commandments. Also, to trust in God. The main idea of all the readings is for us to change our mind, heart, thoughts so we can be just like Jesus Christ.

YES, sometimes forgiving or loving someone that hurt you is hard or talking to someone that lied and destroyed you spiritually.

‘Then you question yourself.

What do I do?

Then what?

The answer is Jesus.

Us humans we search for love and happiness on people or material things and the answer is Jesus. Jesus is the only one that can give and fulfill that emptiness that we sometimes feel in our hearts. Sometimes people make empty promises and that hurts people. Also, people judge people wrongly and that hurts too. Jesus is the only person that could give us love, joy, peace and hope. When we have all of that we can share it with others and when you do not then we became empty and shallow like the rest of our population.

The question is what are you going to do?

we have a lot of violence and hate in our world. Therefore, we should do all tings with love so people can also find Jesus within us. Let’s give people words that transmit hope, wisdom and lets give love to the world.

I hope you enjoy this post.



The Year of WINTER

Hello evryone!!

My name is Winter and I am a teacher, daughter and sister. I have made a lot of mistakes in the past two years but those mistakes had made me grow. I am not going to lie I felt betrayed and destroyed but GOD has guide me to make good choices. This Sunday the priest said to take rejection and betrayal as a blessing from GOD. I have being thinking about it and is true Jesus was rejected many times. Therefore, we are also going to experience the same feelings as him but if we are with God nothing bad will happen to our souls, minds and heart.

I am going to be changing my life and I have a list of things on how a I am going to turn my life around. 

Through this year I will be posting things about my life. Winter will be getting a transformation.


1. God: prayer, church

2. Excercise

3. Spend time with my family

4. Eating healthy

5. Work, work, work !!!!  



Getting Ready for the New School Year!!!

The beginning of the school year is almost here. I hope that this year GOD brings us many blessings and guides us to spread his good news to our students and parents. I am excited to meet my new third graders and to teach them. Therefore, I have been doing some reading to get ideas to incorporate in my classroom.

Throughout the year I will be sharing some links that will help us when preparing for the school year.

Click here for the links:





New Years Resolution

We are entering a new year and you might have been thinking about resolutions or changes for this new coming year.

Dear Readers,

As educators or parents we know the importance of teaching our children on setting goals for the future. In addition, as educators we know that common core is all about mindset and setting goals.

Sometimes the content can be too rigorous or too much for the students. That is why as educators we need to use scaffolding methods in our teaching, so the students can be able to succeed. I believed that is important to teach our children to have a positive mindset as as well as to have an action plan and actually following the plan. The students should take more responsibility as well as setting up schedules so they can be able to do their work on time, study, read, etc.

Our students need to be more exposed with literature that teaches them to have a positive mind and to changes their studying habits or strategies so they can reach success.

here are some books

Let’s teach our students studying habits

A simple activity you can do with your kids, so they can visualize their goals.


Diagrams for mindset

Books for educators and parents:



Positive responses teachers and parents can use in the classroom or at home


Dear Readers,

I hope this post helps you on teaching children on having a growth mindset for 2018.