We are almost at the end of the advent season. We have 4 weeks of preparing our hearts to Jesus. Advent is the season of focusing on what we need to work on and change in our to have Jesus in our heart on Christmas Day. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of our king. The king that is going to bring peace, joy, love and hope. When we feel warmth and happiness in our hearts is because Jesus is inside of us.

I teach third grade and we were listening to How the Grinch Stole Christmas. 

One of my students said, ” what! The Grinch hates Jesus birthday, because Christmas is about Jesus. ” The student is true when we disconnect with Jesus or when we commit sin or when we are focus on material things we do not have Jesus in our hearts. Our hearts in fact become harden. We disconnect with Jesus and with everyone around us. When we get a change of heart and start to do good deeds our heart become soft just like the Grinch.

Hopefully this year we get a change of heart and share our happiness with others.



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