Back to School

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Hello Everyone!!!

I know it has been a while since I have not written something new. I promise that this academic year I will be more proactive on my blog. Well I had one month of vacation and during this month off I was doing a lot of thinking as well as researching for new ideas on setting up my classroom. I think I have some ideas in mind which later this week I will be posting in my blog.

Also, during this month of relaxation I did some shopping!!! for the class. I went to Dollar Tree, 99, Walmart, Barnes and Noble and Target. I bought some bins, white board, map, learning flashcards, caddies and more. I will also be posting pictures of the items I bought later this week.

I also did some research and based on the group of students I will be getting this year they benefit from learning tasks. I was looking at some on line and they were either expensive for my budget or they did not aligned with my state standards, therefore, I did not had any other choice but to make my own. I made some but I am still working on crating the rest, which I think this will be an on going project for the rest of the school year.

I hope you are enjoying your vacation and see you later.

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