Mathematical Practices (MPs)

What are Mathematical Practices?

There are eight mathematical practices that encourage all students to think like mathematicians in orders to solve a math problem which will also helped them to solve critical thinking problems in there every day live. The mathematical practices encourage students to think, use prior knowledge, and use multiple strategies. Also, the mathematical practices encourage the students to justify their solution with others as well as explain their conclusion on how they solve the problem and why they think they are correct.

How Can I Implement the Mathematical Practices in the Classroom?

  1. Introduce the mathematical practices- Tell the students that through out the year they are going to be thinking like mathematicians and there are eight practices that will help them to solve math problems.

  2. Have a poster (Friendly language) for students to understand.

  3. During the lesson the teacher can refer to the MPs. (The teacher can only on one MP throughout the lesson or more than one depending on the teacher).

Note to Teacher: Remember to take one step at a time and not to overwhelmed yourself or your students.


  1. click here for Standards for Mathematical Practice- explanation

  2. click here for Supporting the Mathematical Practices

  3. click here for More Resources on Mathematical Practices

  4. click here for implementing the MPs

  5. click here for MP check list

  6. click here for check list on MPs for students and teachers

  7. click here for MP Power Point




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