Resources for the New Year


2016 is Here and Winter Break is almost over!!!

This is the perfect time to take a look back and reflect what strategies worked and what strategies did not work. By this time of the year we all know are class. We know which of our students need help in reading, reading comprehension, writing, math, critical thinking, science, and so on. Also, we know which students struggle on listening and following instructions. We as educators we are always navigating the internet or book stores for resources on how to renovate ourselves, our children, and classroom to have a better learning environment. Once class begins again, it is perfect to go over classroom expectations, routines, and work habits.

Today I was searching for resources for my students and I found an awesome website for all grade levels. The beautiful thing is that this website is free!!!!!

This website offers a lot of great ideas that we can implement in all subjects. Most of the time we want to get some ideas on how to do something so we can incorporate it our classroom.

Click here to view the website

Click here for language arts and math resources

Click here for More Resources



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